"James W. Styles", voiced by Greg Eagles

According to Jade's notes, Taurus isn't his real name. It's what he's called by people around him. He lived as a poet in New England. Even published some material. His wife and daughter were killed by criminals. He came to the desert to clear his head and never left. Jade rescued him one day, and they became partners. The two were investigating the movement of a group of auto-villains when she died. Jade's brother then takes the wheel of her car and hits the road as Taurus' new partner. Taurus shows Groove what it's like to be an auto-vigilante, and acts as his mentor during the main quest. While driving, his poetry can be heard on the CB (by pressing the 'C' key). Taurus goes by the handle "Stampede" and drives a '69 Jefferson Sovereign he likes to call Eloise. Dislikes movies with a violent nature, like Dirty Harry movies. Prefers to see Love Story.