Dover Steet Van GrooVan
Skeeter's Van
Dry Weight:
8200 lbs.
Top Speed:
107 mph
0 - 60 mph:
10.0 sec.
1/4 Mile:
18.2 sec./87 mph
70 - 0 mph:
247 feet
300 ft skid pad (G's):
Weapon Mounts:
1 top mounted; 2 side mounted; 2 droppers
Armor Rating:
Based on:
Dodge Street Van

This vehicle appears in the game as Skeeter's van. The vehicle is also used by the fuzz in Nitro Riders.

Judging from its two-tone paint scheme (light green on top, olive green below, separated by a yellow stripe), the various roof-mounted toolboxes, and the racks for even more junk inside, Skeeter's van almost certainly started in the service of the phone company or some local utility. It's as sturdy as a bus and about as easy to drive. The van isn't really a combat vehicle, but that doesn't stop people from shooting at it now and then. A bar of lights across the front of the roof provides extra illumination for night repairs (and possibly an advantage or distraction, if used cleverly).

The Dover GrooVan Street Van is based on the real world 1971 Dodge B-Series Van.