"Willard Dicot III", voiced by Tom Kane

Skeeter is the team's mechanic. Jade believes Skeeter doesn't have any known family and she figures people have been taking advantage of him all his life. She also thinks it's likely that he is wanted by the police for crimes he does not even know he committed. He eventually got a job on one of the pit crews of Jade's father. When Jade left racing, he came with her. It strikes her that sometimes he can see things much clearer than others, as if he has some hidden talent. Skeeter teams up with Taurus and Groove in his '71 GrooVan. He performs maintenance, collects salvaged parts from the field, installs upgrades, and repairs the player's vehicle between missions. He goes by the handle "Monkeywrench." Jade suspects he's a narcoleptic.