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May 12, 1976

Piece Be With You
Piece Be With You
Piece Be With You

Taurus and Jade are driving back from seeing a movie.

Jade: "Bullshit! How can you not like it at the end when Dirty Harry asks the guy if he shot five bullets or six?"

Taurus: "I don't like movies."

Jade: "What are you talking about. How can you not like movies?"

Taurus: "I don't like movies."

Jade: "Please... Everyone likes movies."

Taurus: "I don't like movies... At least, ones like that."

Jade: "And why not?"

Taurus: "I've seen enough killing."

Man: "Breaker breaker! Ten-thirty three at Clairmont! We're under attack! Need help from anybody in the area! Hurry, they're in Clairmont! Just West o' highway 380! By Evers Road! Anybody out there: help us!"

Jade: "Hey, Stampede, I didn't mean to..."

Taurus: "I know... Now, let's get to the town before it's too late."

They push the pedal to the metal.

Taurus: "Isn't Clairmont where Preacher and his goons were tearing shit up?"

Jade: "He's dead. Radiator Mother eighty six'ed him a while back, I thought."

Taurus: "Maybe. Maybe not. Now, I've been hearin' some weird shit. Skeeter too. We better find this place quick."

Soon, they reach the intersection, and Evers Road.

Taurus: "Alright, here's the intersection. The town should be West of here. Vixen, Preacher was a psycho freak. Dude sliced up his whole family. If it's him, be ready for anything. You dig?"

Jade: "Dig, Stampede."

They reach the town of Clairmont.

Taurus: "Showtime, Vixen. Watch your ass."

Preacher: "Welcome, friends! Just in time. Be witness to the eradication of this town's evil ways."

Jade: "Back from the dead, eh Preacher?"

Preacher: "In the way of righteousness is life! And in it's pathway, there is no death."

Taurus: "Oh, you on a new path now, Preacher!"

Some of Preacher's goons get iced.

Preacher: "We have eyes should they cannot see. But it does not matter. There is time... This is Preacher, sending out the Word!"

Preacher has requested back-up.

Creeper: "On our way, Preacher."

Another creeper blows up.

Jade: "Adios, creeper!"

Preacher: "Indeed, the Lord giveth. And he taketh away!"

Jade: "Give it a rest, Preacher."

Preacher takes some serious damage.

Preacher: "Deliver me, my God, out of the hand of the wicked! Out of the hand of the unrighteous, and the cruel man!"

Taurus: "Yeah, whatever Preacher. This ain't Sunday school. You shut up and take it like a man."

Preacher is sent on the right path again.

Preacher: "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Taurus: "Nice work, baby."

Jade: "Not bad yourself."

Taurus: "Head back to the rendez-vous. I'm sure Skeeter's wondering where the hell we are. Probably has his network of travelling grease monkeys out looking for us or some shit."

Jade: "What, you have other plans?"

Taurus: "I'm gonna make sure psycho freak is dead..."

Jade: "Copy, Stampede."

Taurus has one more thing to say to Jade.

Taurus: "Vixen, love story... Now, that's a movie."

Other quotes Edit

  • Making Clairmont smaller.
PBWY - 2

Man: "Help us, please! The whole town is almost gone!"

  • Wiping the town off the map.
PBWY - 3

Man: "Incoming! Aaaawwaahhhhh!"

Taurus: "The town's been destroyed, Jade. We failed..."

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