Picard Piranha
Dry Weight:
3220 lbs.
Top Speed:
140 mph
0 - 60 mph:
6.3 sec.
1/4 Mile:
13.1 sec./102 mph
70 - 0 mph:
190 feet
300 ft skid pad (G's):
Weapon Mounts:
2 top mounted; 1 rear mounted; 1 dropper
Armor Rating:
Based on:
Plymouth Barracuda

The Picard Piranha is driven by the game's protagonist: Groove Champion. Before it was handed over to him, the car belonged to his sister Jade. The Piranha is the only car available during the TRIP (with the exception of the final mission).

While not as famous as the Palomino or the Cavera (Mustang, Camaro), the Piranha is a fine example of the muscle-car breed. It's quick off the mark and handles well - important when you're fighting creepers in the desert. As a mid-sized car, it can carry a decent amount of armor and weapons. Jade's is orange with two broad black stripes on the hood and narrower ones along the sides, and has a Texas vanity plate: "CHAMP". The number 432 spray-painted on the rear fenders refers to the engine's size in cubic inches.

The Picard Piranha is based on the the real world 1970 Plymouth AAR 'cuda.