June 23, 1975

Never Get Out
Never Get Out - 4
Never Get Out

Skeeter is asleep in his van on the side of the road. While he is snoring, Stampede comes on the CB.

Taurus: "Vixen, this is Stampede. You copy?"

No response.

Taurus: "Vixen, come back! Over."

That message did wake Skeeter up.

Skeeter: "Oh. Hi, Stampede. Vixen isn't around. She went to Midland. Should be back by late tonight."

Taurus: "Skeeter, shut up and listen! Those fools from Hell's Gate have me trapped in an old farmhouse off 385. They're tryin' to blow the place up. You're gonna have to get your ass over here, and wipe out these maggots. Quick!"

Skeeter: "Roger, Stampede. On my way."

Skeeter hits the road. Taurus comes over the radio again.

Taurus: "Monkeywrench, take the dirt road about a mile past the Fast-2-Freeze. Look for Eloise. She's close by."

Skeeter: "Copy that, Stampede."

Time passes, and Taurus tells Skeeter to get a move on.

Taurus: "Monkeywrench, you'd better get your ass over here. The place is about to blow!"

And later.

Taurus: "Get it together, Monkeywrench. They've almost wiped out the whole damn place!"

Skeeter appears on the scene.

Leper Messiah: "Be aware, my little minions. It appears we have 'company'. Kill him!"

One bites the dust.

Skeeter: "Take that, wanker."

Another one gets iced.

Skeeter: "Na-na-na-na-na-na..."

Leper Messiah: "This is Leper Messiah to all 'minions'. Need assistance!"

Creeper: "Copy that. We'll be there in two."

Another one goes down.

Creeper: "Aaaaaahhhh!"

Leper Messiah: "Stampede, this is your lucky day. Until... we meet again."

Taurus: "Monkeywrench, don't let Leper Messiah get away. Hunt that fool down, and destroy him!"

Skeeter: "OK, Stampede."

Leper Messiah: "I left you Stampede... alive. Don't you know when to leave well enough... alone?"

Skeeter: "Yeah, do you?"

Leper Messiah doesn't get far. He blows up in extacy.

Leper Messiah: "Ohhh YES!"

Skeeter: "Take that creeper! Hehe, I like saying that... Stampede, come back. Leper Messiah's dead."

Taurus: "Nice job, Monkeywrench."

Skeeter: "You got out."

Taurus: "Come again?"

Skeeter: "Never get out of the car."

Taurus: "I know, I know. Look, just get over here and bust my ass out."

Skeeter: "Ehe... bust..."

Other quotes Edit

  • Skeeter arrives too late.
Never Get Out - 5

Taurus: "...Comin' down!"

Skeeter: "O oh, I think I'm too late."

Never Get Out - 6

Taurus: "...Comin' down!"

Skeeter: "Stampede, come back! I'm sorry, Stampede..."