October 15, 1974

Foxy Cat
Foxy Cat
Foxy Cat
Natty Dread

The police have surrounded the Foxy Cat club. Natty Dread happens to be in the area.

Fuzz: "Listen up, scum! We know this dump is being used as a safehouse for auto-mercenaries in the area. Well, NO MORE! This town's put up with this shit LONG ENOUGH! DANCE. IS. OVER! Time to pay the piper!"

Tabatha: "Help! Emergency! The Foxy Cat is being attacked by the police. Anyone out there: help!"

Natty Dread: "Tabatha, that's you?"

Tabatha: "Natty Dread, oh thank god! Get over here right away! The cops are shooting up the place! Me and the girls are trapped inside, and Disco Cat and some others are in the trailers. Hurry!"

Natty Dread: "Hang tight, Tabatha, honey. I'll take care of the pigs. Ain't nothing gonna happen to ya. Be there in five..."

After a while, Natty arrives on the scene, and starts kicking ass.

Natty Dread: "Tabatha, this is Natty Dread. Hitch up your G-string, baby. Show's about to begin."

Tabatha: "Hurry!"

Natty Dread: "Don't you worry. In the morning, Blackwell PD's gonna be hangin' the 'Help Wanted' sign in the window..."

Bravo Three: "This is Bravo Three to all units! Be advised: merc in the area! Repeat: merc in the area! Has opened fire."

Natty Dread: "Yeah, you right about that. Gonna have ourselves a little baconfest. Hope you up for it..."

Seven Tango Four: "Dispatch, this is Seven Tango Four! Officers down! Request immediate back up at the Foxy Cat!"

Dispatch: "Copy, Seven Tango Four. Additional units on their way."

Some trailers are leveled.

Tabatha: "The trailers! They're almost gone!"

Natty Dread: "Tabatha, honey, shut up... Let me do my thing..."

Tabatha: "Natty Dread, you there? The place is getting shot to hell! Everything is coming down!"

Natty Dread takes care of the last wave of back up.

Natty Dread: "Tabatha, you there honey? Pigs are all six under. Area's safe. Well, at least for now..."

Tabatha: "Thank you, Natty Dread! Thank you! We all owe you..."

Natty Dread: "Right... You and the girls better haul ass out of there. More bacon sure to show up. And tell Disco Cat to round up the boys, rendez-vous at the ridge. He'll know what I mean..."

Tabatha: "I'll take care of it right away. But, what about the Foxy Cat? I like it here."

Natty Dread: "Me too. But, with your 'talent', I'm sure you'll find work in some other joint. Now get moving! Natty Dread out."

Other quotes Edit

  • All trailers are destroyed.
Foxy Cat - 2

Tabatha: "Natty dread, the trailers are all demolished. Everyone's dead!"

Natty Dread: "Well, shit..."

  • The Foxy Cat blows up.
Foxy Cat - 3


Natty Dread: "Damn... Too bad..."