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Easiest Solution Edit

Over on the forum Hip63 created a launcher to make running Interstate 76 easier. There are two versions there (v1.5 without dgVoodoo/Glide built-in and v2.0 with dgVoodoo/Glide support built-in). See link below.

I have not tested the launcher but many others have on the forum.

Solution 1 - Windows 7 64-Bit Edit

There are other ways to run game than just in software mode. If you are experiencing problems to get the game to run in Glide (OpenGL) mode, these steps might be helpful. Most modern videocards do not support 3Dfx based Glide anymore. To run Interstate '76 or Nitro Riders in Glide on those cards, you need a Glide Wrapper to act as a Glide emulator, like dgVoodoo (the name comes from the old 3Dfx Voodoo videocards).

+ dgVoodoo (to emulate a 3Dfx card), download and extract the tool in the main install directory of either Interstate '76 or Nitro Riders

+ Run dgVoodooSetup.exe

  1. Set 'Renderer API' to Direct3D9 in the Global tab
  2. Check 'Monitor freq is the closest supported freq' in the Glide tab
  3. Check 'Force trilinear mipmapping'
  4. Check 'Autogenerate mipmaps'
  5. Check 'Texmem scaled to 4MB'
  6. Set LFB Access to 'Enable FFB access' (should be the default setting)
  7. Check 'Use hardware cache buffers when poss.'
  8. Check 'Use fastwrite for unmatching formats'
  9. Check 'Closer to a real hardware'
  10. Set Texture mem size to maximum (65536 kB)
  11. Set Resolution to your native resolution
  12. Check 'Enable Glide-gammaramp'

Click OK to confirm. dgVoodoo will now automatically handle Glide for Interstate '76. No further action is needed for using this tool.

+ put atiumdag.dll in main Interstate '76/Nitro Riders folder (only for ATI users, copied from Catalyst 9.5 driver)

+ Windows 95 compatibility mode on the shortcut and i76.exe/nitro.exe

+ batch script, create with Notepad, use the following 4 lines, save, change .txt extension to .bat, put it in the main I76 install directory:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe Edit
start /w i76.exe -glide (use nitro.exe for Nitro Riders, use -d3d instead of -glide to run the game in D3D mode) Edit
pause (this can be removed if you find the need to press enter to quit the script annoying) Edit
start explorer.exe Edit

(Optional: + link the shortcut to the .bat script instead of the .exe)

This batch script will shutdown Windows Explorer when you start the game, and restart it when you exit the the game. Running the game via this script should resolve incorrect display of colors problems.

With dgVoodoo you can run the game at any resolution. It is also possible to use high Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering settings (via ATI/Nvidia Control Panel). Note that the game menus may load at a lower resolution. The ingame graphics settings menu may also indicate a (locked) game resolution of 640x480. However, loading the actual game should result in the game running at the native resolution of the user's display (or another preset set by the user in dgVoodoo).

This was tested on the 2010 release of The Interstate '76 Arsenal.

Created with the help from the Interstate '76 forum.

Tested on: Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Phenom Quad Core X4 9650 at 2.3 GHz, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4870 at resolutions 1280x1024 (4:3) and 1920x1080 (16:9).

Other issues / solutions Edit

Instead of checking 'Monitor freq is the closest supported freq' in the Glide tab I had to set my refresh rate manually to 60Hz (native for my panel) in order to play in fullscreen.