Antonio Malochio

"Carlo DeFungi", voiced by John de Lancie

Tony Malochio is the main antagonist of Interstate '76. He is a businessman and a Vietnam veteran. With three tours under his belt, it seems he liked it over there. Malochio was involved in shady activities deep in the jungle of Cambodia. It is believed he had ties with Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge. After the war, he returned to his company, a furniture importer/exporter. According to Jade's notes, the company serves as a coverup for something else. Taurus found out Malochio came into contact with some "businessmen" from the Middle East who provide him with "financing." He has recruted every automotive gun for hire in the "South West" to serve in his private army. Jade thinks something big is about to happen and that the police won't be of any help to stop it. She tracked Malochio down to investigate this. Malochio's codename is "Giotto" and he drives a '69 Courcheval Manta. Two black dice with red pips are his trademark.