March 19, 1976


Skeeter is at a Gas 4 Cash near a military training area. Jade comes on the CB.

Jade: "Monkeywrench, this is Vixen. Come back, Monkeywrench. Over."

Skeeter: "Go ahead, Vixen."

Jade: "Listen up. The mission's a wash. Chopper's down somewhere inside the quarantine area. Stampede and Hell Toupee are trapped. My weapons are out. You need to get inside, and get them out of there!"

Skeeter: "What about creepers? They there?"

Jade: "Everywhere, just like we thought. Now, hurry Skeeter! Find the chopper. You're their only chance right now."

Skeeter: "Roger, Vixen. I'm on my way."

Skeeter enters the area. A soldier in a Grappler has showed the way for him.

Jade: "Monkeywrench, there shoulde be a road block near you. Bust through it. The guard shouldn't be much of a fight."

Skeeter: "Vixen, I don't know if I can handle this."

Jade: "Bullshit. Look, I think the chopper went down somewhere near the Arnlund Gorge. Check out the dirt access road by-. Damn, gotta move. Hurry Skeeter!"

Skeeter reaches the dirt access road.

Skeeter: "This must be the access road."

At the end of the access road to the area is a road block.

Guard: "Attention driver! You are approaching a federal quarantine zone. Turn your vehicle around, and proceed in the opposite direction."

But Skeeter does not.

Guard: "This is road block 2 to base. Have another intruder inside the perimeter. Send over the air unit!"

A creeper arrives on the scene.

Creeper: "I see him! Movin' in."

Creeper: "Aaaarghhh!"

Guard: "Man down! Man down!"

The Grappler is next to blow up, and the guard screams.

Guard: "Aaaaaaahhhhh!"

TC: "This is TC. Have visual. He's nearing the training area. Iniciate up and down intercept. We'll lock 'em in."

Skeeter: "O oh..."

Skeeter takes out the chopper.

TC: "Huuaaahhh!"

After a while, he finds the hangar where Stampede and Hell Toupee are trapped.

Monkeywrench: "Hell Toupee, Stampede! This is Monkeywrench. You copy?"

Taurus: "Monkeywrench, keep those motherfunkin' damn creepers busy for about 60 seconds. Toupee's gonna try to hotwire this thing back up."

Skeeter: "Roger that, Stampede."

Taurus: "Look out, Monkeywrench! Creepers!"

Creeper: "Hey, cowboy. The chick got lucky, but you won't. Give it up."

Monkeywrench takes some joy in taking them out.

Skeeter: "That was kinda fun, hehe!"

Taurus and Hell Toupee manage to get the chopper back in the air.

Taurus: "Monkeywrench, ... have lift off. Get the hell back to the rendez-vous!"

Skeeter: "I'm outta here, Stampede. Vixen, this is Monkeywrench. Come back. Over."

Jade: "I heard. Nice work, pal. Now, get out of there. The area is too hot to be hanging around."

Skeeter: "Vixen, it looks like there is some type of field exercises going on here."

Jade: "I know. Quarantine's a front. Something's going down with the army. Look, just meet up at the rendez-vous. Vixen out."

Other quotes Edit

  • The chopper is close to blowing up.
Allies - 3

Taurus: "Monkeywrench, get it together, man. More hits 'n we're dead."

  • Chopper blows up.
Allies - 2

Taurus: "Aaaaahhh!"

Skeeter: "O oh, chopper blew up..."